Friday, February 6, 2009

Our Day at the Zoo

As part of our 2 Day wedding anniversary celebration, I took Jas and Cherise for our long awaited visit to the Zoo. My company signed up for the friends of the zoo corporate membership, so it allows me to bring the family in for free. We get discounts for food and merchandise purchases as well! Anyway, after countless unsuccessful bids to get hold of the membership card from the admin department, I finally managed to loan it out for a few days. We initially wanted to go on Wednesday, but since we could not get anyone to baby sit on Thursday, we decided go on Thursday instead.

We planned to start the day early so that we can squeeze in more activities before it gets too hot for us, but somehow the night was not restful for Cherise (hence similarly for us), so we ended up sleeping in and having a late start at about 11am. Jas and I cannot remember when was the last time we visited the zoo. All we know is that the place has changed quite a bit and as a local, I must say that I'm very impressed with the improvements made to this attraction.

Like most kids, Cherise LOVED the animals. It helped that she recognises some of them...everytime, she saw something that she knew she went, "wah..bunky (monkey), wah...tiger, wah...giraffe, wah...ohdile (crocodile), wah...torti (tortise)...big!" As expected, every species of bear is a teddy bear, and anything that walks on four legs and resembles a canine is a dog. She had a lot of fun mimicking the sounds of the animals and didn't seem to mind the stench coming from the animal droppings...unlike mommy who almost fainted after walking past the rhino exhibit ha ha! Cherise also got to pat a rabbit for the first time at the Pets Corner at the Rainforest Kidzworld... If we had known that they have a water play area there, we would have brought our swim gear along.

Sadly, we didn't get to watch any of the animal shows this time round. I'm sure Cherise would be thrilled to see what the elephants can do. For our next visit, I must be sure to plan the itinery properly so that we canmake the best of our time there. Oh, and next time, I won't even bother bringing a stroller...cos' this super duper zoo has EVERYTHING!

We left about 2pm, just as Cherise was getting tired and needed her afternoon nap. Jas says if we want to do this again, we should do it really soon cos' once David comes, we'll have to say bye bye to family excursions for a while. Yah man...better start to "chop" for the membership card again soon!

Here's a pic of happy Daddy and Mommy with a clearly tired Cherise.
For more pics of our outing, check out my Flickr Photo Page.


MommyEvey said...

Wow .. sounds like fun .. we should bring Kate there when we visit Singapore again

Jesslyn said...

Happy birthday wei-zhou korkor! =)

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