Thursday, February 5, 2009

3 Years Already???

That was the thought that came to our minds as we were wondering how long it has been since we said our vows at the altar. Jasmine said it felt like only 2 years, probably because we did not celebrate our anniversary last year as I was away on an overseas exercise then. To make it up to her, I decided to celebrate the 3 years of our union over 2 days, one day by ourselves and the other with Cherise.

Jas's mom was available to babysit for us yesterday, so we took the advantage to do stuff that we usually would not be able to do if Cherise was with us. It was a simple affair - movie followed by dinner at the most baby unfriendly place we could find.

The Movie

For the first time in our lives, we stepped into Golden Village Cinema's Gold Class at Vivocity. When I stepped into the theatre, I was in total was quite embarrassing for Jas because I could not contain my excitement and kept playing with the seats - they can be reclined fully till you're literally watching the movie lying down - and they provide blankets! And man were the seats comfortable! We wanted to watch Red Cliff 2 initially but they didn't have it at the time that we wanted, so we settled for The Changeling instead. Jas commented later that considering the frequency of our visits to the movies (which is like erm...NEVER! The last time we watched a movie was when Jas was expecting Cherise!), we might as well go for Gold Class everytime. I totally agree.

The Dinner
Though still semi-full with popcorn and tortilla chips, we needed to take our dinner early to make it back in time to pick Cherise up (sigh...and you'd think that we're past the age of curfews). We chanced upon Tajimaya Yakiniku / Shabuya, a 2-in-1 concept restaurant at level 1. It's basically 2 restaurants operating under the same roof - One side offers BBQ, and the other steamboat - Japanese style. I was captivated by the Aussie Beef promotion so we went for the BBQ. Good thing that Cherise was not with us cos' we had to cook everything ourselves over a super hot charcoal grill...
Charcoal GrillIT's really hot man!
For the price of the meal, we didn't expect the spread to be so good...the economy must really be bad for them to offer so much for that price. Here's what we had:
The feastThe whole spread.
Aussie BeefTwo cuts of beef...the thin one tastes like Bak Kwa.
Chicken and PorkChicken thigh and Kurubuta.
We tried our best to finish everything but it was simply overwhelming...
Left oversWe hate to waste food but what to do...we were simply...
Stuffed...too stuffed!

Alas, like Cinderella, we had a curfew to follow (8pm!!!) so we went wee wee wee all the way home to our little princess. Though our date was short, we enjoyed it totally. Hopefully we'll have more of these when our kids are a little more independent.


Fi Oh Na! said...

Congrats on yr 3rd year 2gether! Praise God for it!

Haha! The last photo is quite classic.....can see the "stuffed" look eh? :)

Anonymous said...

Dude, you look expanded.

~AlanSally~ said...

Happy Anniversary! More good years to come!

MommyEvey said...

Congratulations on your third wedding anniversary. Many more to come.. Praise the Lord!