Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We've gotten Cherise her own bed!

It's sandwiched between the wall and our bed so she can't roll off but she can climb safely onto our bed if she needs us.

We finally put those cot bumpers to good use!

Lots of padding for those wooden edges... Cherise is an active sleeper!

I resisted the idea of her moving out of our bed for the longest time. With the new baby coming, I didn't want her to feel that we were moving her out and someone else in. My initial plans were to have Cherise still sleep with us on our bed and the new baby in the cosleeper, but a few things made me change my mind:
1. Cherise is a very active sleeper. She turns perpendicular in her sleep, and when we adjust her position at night (because we cannot tahan the foot on our face/neck) she stirs in her sleep. So we figure she needs more space.
2. I imagine that nursing a newborn in the same bed where she's sleeping is risky - might wake her up with all the movement etc.
3. I won't have any space to nurse the newborn lying down.

Conclusion: we've decided to make the transition now instead of later when the baby arrives.

I'm so glad that she's taken to the new bed really well. Last night was her first night and she slept all the way from 11.30pm to 7am without stirring. I woke up a few times in the night to check on her, make sure she's not cold etc, and I found her turned perpendicular again, but since there was plenty of space in her own bed, I left her like that and just shifted her blanket so she wouldn't get cold. And this afternoon, we all took a three-hour nap - she in her bed, and us in ours.

I was expecting some crying, but it turns out my little girl's more ready for this than I am. No tears upon waking, only an eagerness to climb onto our bed to nurse and reconnect with me, it seems. No waking mid-sleep missing mommy contact. She knows it's her bed - we ask her, "Where's baby's bed?" And she responds, "There! Baby bed," pointing in the right direction. She loves clambering to and from her bed - we've taught her, "Crawl, no running," and to watch out for the wall. We bought more doh dohs to make the bed cozy, but she didn't want them - she tossed them all out the first day. Good - she gets to have a say in how she wants her bed to be.

I think we, the parents, are having more difficulty making this change than she is. I usually cuddle her when I put her down after she's nursed off to sleep, but with her in her own bed, I can't do that anymore. Adrian won't let me go onto her bed - he says I'm too heavy. So I got a bit teary last night. Missed a little warm body and a certain baby smell. Felt sorry for my poor little baby who wouldn't get cuddled. Then I felt sorry for myself because I couldn't cuddle.

But despite my emo-ness, I wasn't the one to cave first. Today, we had this conversation before our nap -
Adrian: You can put her on our bed if you want.
Me: Why? You miss her?
Adrian: A bit.
Me: A bit?
Adrian: A bit.
Me: A bit or a lot?
Adrian: A lot...

Feeling lonely and emo right now. Adrian is at work, and my little girl is in her own bed sleeping soundly. My king-sized bed is suddenly really big and empty. Oh well, I suppose I'd better try to enjoy the space while I have it - it's going to get pretty crowded again in three months' time!


myivorythrone said...

Yikes! Third tri already? Time flies when babies rule your schedule...

MommyEvey said...

ooh how exciting for Cheris to have her own bed. I so know what you mean when you miss cuddling your little one. Kate is sleeping in her own cot and in her own room now but there are nights or arvos when I put her on the single bed with me (in her room) and cuddle her to sleep. I think its more for me than for her coz she sleeps really well on her own and stirs a lot more when I am next to her.
Oh my .. my little baby is starting childcare soon. I think I will be the one crying all the way to work.
Ken said something similar to what Adrian said "you can bring Kate into our bed if you want". Actually it was he who missed her .. haha

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