Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blessed New Year!

Jasmine was in a "let's-get-out-of-the-house-and-stay-out-the-whole-day" mood on New Year's Day, so like any smart husband, I gave in despite the fact that I really didn't want to fight through the crowd on a public holiday. We made our way to Marina Square and to our pleasant surprise, it was not as bad as I thought it would be.

We didn't know what we wanted to do, it was really a go with the flow thing. So we ended up eating...eating...and eating! How so? Here's what happened:

When we arrived at MS at about 11am, Cherise was due for her pre-lunch snack. She was also getting a little cranky because it was time for her nap. We decided to make ourselves comfortable at Gloria Jeans where Cherise can have her babycino and quiche while Jas and I can have our much needed cuppa. However, it turned out that her royal highness was a little too cranky to eat so we had to let her have her nap first and hope that she'll sleep for at least 2 hours before she wakes up for lunch. While she was sleeping, Jas and I got hungry so we ate some sandwiches and the quiche that was originally meant for Cherise.

Cherise was actually sleeping pretty well for about 45 mins or so till this bunch of inconsiderate ladies started screaming and laughing at the top of their voices (knowing full well that there were a couple of sleeping babies nearby). They made no effort to tone down their voices and soon enough, Cherise woke up much earlier than expected - and hungry... So we had no choice but to find a place for lunch. We decided on Pasta de Waraku because every child gets a free toy - to distract them while their parents eat! I think the restaurant is really smart, the toys are inexpensive, and it works! The service is also excellent no matter how busy it is. It's no wonder they are almost always crowded. Anyway, Jas was too full to eat so I ordered a meal for myself while she fed Cherise.

After lunch we decided to do some baby shopping for David and then get some Pigeon baby food from John Little for Cherise, just in case we intended to have dinner out. They were having a members' sale there so the queue to the cashier was ridiculously long. As expected, the queen mother got hungry and left me to pay for our purchases while she went around hunting for a place to eat. She finally decided to satisfy her burger cravings and settled for Burger King. By the time I got there, she was almost done but Cherise was hungry after seeing her mommy munching on her burger so it was time to feed her some grapes. She finished the entire container of grapes but was visibly still hungry for more, so we decided to get her some red bean pancake and soy milk from Jollibean.

After buying the stuff from Jollibean, we needed a place to rest our legs but there were no empty benches in sight, so I suggested that we should just head over to the Ritz Carlton for tea instead. should have seen how I kena left right center from the Queen Mother because now she had no more room for tea (especially after she saw the buffet spread)! We went ahead anyway because the spread was too good for me to resist. We paid for 2 even though Jas didn't eat time must go back and wack big time to make up for it. The iced tea there is really good...the ice cubes they put into the tea is actually frozen iced erm...tea, so you don't end up with some overly diluted iced tea over time. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the food, but here's Cherise enjoying her waffles...
Yum Yum...

There goes my New Year's resolution of losing weight... better start buying new pants! Anyway, I bet I'll make up for it when David comes ha ha! Have a Blessed 2009 Everyone!

Cherise and Mommy
Cherise and Daddy

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