Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Lovely Surprise!

I was quite excited when I heard the doorbell ring today, accompanied by, "Postman!" I'd been waiting ages to receive some shoes I ordered online for Cherise, so I've been listening out for the postman for quite some time now, but it was a surprise when he handed me not one parcel, but two. The registered parcel contained the shoes, but the other one contained this:


A big thank you to Uncle Kenneth, Auntie Evelyn and Baby Kate in Australia for the lovely, lovely gifts! The barrier balm is a much needed item - we're on our last jar! We're going to keep the frame for a family photo once David arrives, and Cherise has already made me read her the book a few times in a row. As for the sunglasses - well, you gotta see for yourselves!

A little diva in the making...

Her royal taoness. I call it the Jay Chou look.

More Jay Chou...

A smile at last!

Thank you once again for the gifts - it brought us a lot of laughter on an otherwise dreary afternoon.

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MommyEvey said...

Blessed 2009 to you Adrian,Jasmine, Cherise and Baby David! Our Lord watch over all of you and may His choiceist blessings be upon all of you in the new year.

Glad you liked the gifts. Sorry it arrived after Christmas. Whoops! Do all kids open their mouths when wearing sunnies or does it run in the family? Haha