Monday, December 22, 2008

Why I Love the Christmas Season...

Here are 10 reasons why I love this time of the year:

1) One word...HOLIDAY!!!!
2) Decorations. Lights, trees, glitter, fake snow and the whole lot.
3) Christmas music. Nothing beats Christmas carols, one of my favourites is "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" made famous by Judy Garland.
4) Another reason to meet up with family and old friends.
5) Receiving presents.
6) Giving presents. Surprisingly, I find this more enjoyable than the former.
7) Seeing the faces of your loved ones when they open up their gifts.
8) Shopping for gifts with my family.
9) Staying up late at night with Jas wrapping presents and stressing over who we might have forgotten to buy gifts for.
10) Being reminded that the reason for this season is the greatest gift ever given to us...the Christ of Christmas.

Have you ever wondered why Christmas is such a big deal even to non-Christians? I believe that it is more than just the gifts and parties. I believe that deep down inside each and everyone of us there's a need...a need for a reason to express love and to receive it. And Christmas gives us the reason to do so without the "asian" in us feeling uneasy about it. My prayer for anyone who has yet to receive the greatest gift of all is that you will experience Jesus in a very personal way this Christmas...after all, it's His birthday party and you are invited.

Christmas Isn't Christmas
Jesus brings warmth like a winter's fire,
A light like a candle's glow;
He's waiting now to come inside,
As He did so long ago;
Jesus brings gifts of truth and life,
And makes them bloom and grow;
So welcome Him with a song of joy,
And when He comes, you'll know...

That Christmas isn't Christmas till it happens in your heart,
Somewhere deep inside you is where Christmas really starts;
So give your heart to Jesus, you'll discover when you do,
That it's Christmas, really Christmas for you!


~AlanSally~ said...

Yeah! It's a wonderful feeling isn't it? Christmas has this effect on me too! :) Blessed Christmas to you, Jas, Cherise and David!

My Daddy said...

Blessed Christmas too to Chubby Hubby, the Mammy and BabyLoh - who is so so so adorable! Oh my word adorable! (I witnessed BabyLoh hugging Jed and I saw Adrian's and Jas' jaws dropped!) haha!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love Christmas too! Fills me with cheer and warmth. :) Glad to have met e entire family on Sunday! [And I hv to say this again, Baby's smile is soooooooo sweet!!]

- Joc