Thursday, December 4, 2008

Family Retreat @ Sentosa - Part 2

I think Jas and I are simply not the kind of people who can simply do nothing but chill out when we're having a holiday. It's like we have a desperate need to make the most of our time by doing as many things as we can when what we need the most is simply do nothing but rest. Maybe it's because we get bored easily. I bet we would have felt a lot more rested after the retreat if we had just stayed within the hotel and soaked in the jacuzzi till we turned soft but noooo......

Barely 40 mins after checking in, we found ourselves frolicking under the sun at the private beach of Cafe Del Mar.
IMG_1481Day beds and Cabanas on the cool is that!
After the swim_1

This beachfront dining hotspot even has its own swimming pool (and pool bar)...
IMG_1490Check out her cheeky grin...
IMG_1488Hot mama....
IMG_1487Cherise REALLY likes the water.
Sorry, no pictures of daddy in the pool cos' he's too fat!

After about an hour or so in the sun, we decided to have lunch there. The food was not fantastic this time though, Jasmine's lobster bisque tasted more like lobster consomme, and my spring chicken was more like erm...a spring chick??? Or maybe a quail in disguise. We were so unimpressed this time round that we didn't even bother to take pictures of the food.
Feeding herself_1The little princess was not too thrilled with her home made porridge as well.

After lunch, we went back to the hotel for a nap because her royal highness was starting to get a little cranky.

Later in the afternooon, we took a leisurely stroll to Palawan Beach and made it just in time for the animal show at the amphitheatre. Cherise was probably still in her semi-awake state, so she didn't get very excited when she saw the huge birds of prey. She wasn't even the least affected when the wings of the falcon whisked through her hair when it flew past us. Her mommy on the other hand was quite tense throughout the performance. Cherise managed to get up close to the albino python for the first time though. After the show Cherise gave indications that she was hungry for a snack, so we stopped over at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for tea and bought her a muffin. Mummy also bought her some new toys which she could not resist playing with immediately...
New toys_1

Oh, I have to share this with everyone...never in my wildest dreams would I have expected that Sentosa would take the effort to make the island more baby friendly...well, they did!
IMG_1511A relatively well maintained family room at the train station.
IMG_1512Big changing station for the toddler, and a small foldable one for the baby.

We wanted to go to the Underwater World initially but thanks to my superb navigational skills, we ended up at the Butterfly and Insect Kingdom instead. By then it was too late for the former so we decided to kiv till the next day. It was not a wasted trip though, because we ended up finding Sarpinos Pizza there and decided to order a couple of them back for dinner. My navigation skills did not improve despite having a map on my hands, so we ended up walking along the long and winding route along the main road back to the hotel.

Lesson learnt - Stick to the beach....or at least walk back the way you came!

I was quite impressed with Jas for walking all the way back without complaining though...hee hee, sorry dear!

Anyway, the rest of the night was divided between a bonding session at the jacuzzi and watching the 1st episode of "Don't Forget the Lyrics". I would have won the the 50K if I was the one playing!

So that's the end of day 1, standby for Day 2!

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