Saturday, December 6, 2008

Family Retreat @ Sentosa - Part 3

Day 2 of our Sentosa escapade started with breakfast at the hotel's cafe. The buffet spread was nothing to boast about, the food quality was not fantastic either. Cherise was not very cooperative during breakfast so we had our hands full trying to feed her and keep the flies away from our food. She got bored of the bread with jam and banana pretty quickly and wanted to be carried, till we gave her this...
Breakfast_2Meiji Yogurt! She liked it so much she finished two cups of it. And she insisted on feeding herself.
Breakfast_1You should have seen the mess she created after she was done.

We went swimming after breakfast and as mentioned here, the swimming pool was indeed a pleasant surprise. The water was so clear and fresh that Cherise kept taking sips of it, much to our dismay. We didn't manage to take her to the shallow area where the waterfall was cos' there was a bunch of other kids playing there. She enjoyed splashing about at the deeper end with us though...
Hotel Pool_3
Hotel Pool_4Doesn't she look adorable in her little pink hat?
Once again, no pictures of Daddy swimming cos' he looks more pregnant than his wife.

We managed to negotiate for a later check out time so that Cherise could take a nap before we headed to the Underwater World. I also managed to squeeze in another solo session in the jacuzzi while they slept. It would have been perfect if I had a nice cold glass of iced tea to accompany me but for some reason the hotel does not serve room service before 11am (yes, not even drinks!!) so I had to make my own hot tea with the tea bags provided in the room.

After we checked out, we left our bags at the hotel and had lunch at Rasa Sentosa's Silver Shell Cafe. The buffet spread was excellent and the service was outstanding. There are hotels that claim to be 5-Star and there are those that simply are. Rasa's got everything! I suspect we may end up coming here for our anniversary next year.

The main event was our visit to the Underwater World. Cherise has always been fascinated with fishes, she can't stop looking at them whenever she passes an aquarium or seafood restaurant. But nothing could ever prepare her for this...
Underwater World_5You call THAT a fish?!? More like a giant sea monster with scales!
Underwater World_2The little girl was quite daring though, she tried to tap on the glass to get their attention but got a little startled when they swam towards her.

She had a whale of a time (pun intended) looking at the sharks and sting rays and observing the schools of fishes darting to and fro.
Underwater World_4
Underwater World_7
Underwater World_9She was clearly frustrated that we kept asking her to turn around for pictures ha ha! We almost had problems leaving the place cos' Cherise kept going "Fish Fish" every time we walked past the aquarium with the giant Arowanas.

We're glad that Cherise enjoyed herself there. At least we gave her the opportunity to see real sea creatures as opposed to pictures in story books or on TV. Our next excursion will be to the zoo! Better go and see the animals before mommy becomes one of the elephants ha ha!


Anonymous said...

Wah, Underwater World is a fantastic idea for a kid's day out! I've been there twice since its inception and it still blows my mind...

ED said...


Just dropped by.

My kids love underwater world as well!

Thanks for voting for me, voted for u guys as well! :)