Monday, October 20, 2008

Family Fun!

Given Adrian's busy schedule, it's not often that we get to spend a whole day together as a family, so it was a real treat that we found ourselves with an entire day and nothing else to do but spend some good quality time as a family.

Some time back I blogged about how we loved this place called Caffe B. It's still one of our favourite places to eat at, and guess what? Cherise loves it too! They've changed the look of their menu somewhat, and the famous side orders that we love are no longer on the menu, but still available for order. I like to think that it's sort of like an insider's secret. Heh. (The sides are additional orders that you can add on to your basic order of toast, which only comes with butter, jam, vegemite, marmalade or all of the above. Some examples of sides are: sausages, eggs, avocado, spinach, banana, roast beef, smoked salmon.)

So when we have breakfast at Caffe B, we would have our toast with eggs, sausages etc etc, and we would order a few sides like avocado and banana for Cherise. We'd share our yummy soup and toast. The little girl gets to feel all grown up, eating the "same" food that we are.

Perched on Daddy's lap for breakfast.

Happily attacking a crust of bread that we gave her to play with. We were quite shocked when she bit off a rather substantial chunk while we were momentarily distracted, and then even more amazed when we found out that she (and her four teeth) could handle it quite well!

Ah! The kiddie ride... situated just next to Caffe B. She clamoured to "sit, sit" the moment she saw it, so we obliged, but haha! no coins! Anyway, there'll be plenty of time for that as she grows older.

After a fantastic breakfast, we headed to Takashimaya to pick up some baby items. To keep Cherise occupied while Adrian picked up what we needed, I let her play with some of the stuffed toys at the toy section. She usually loses interest in any one toy pretty quickly, but somehow, she got really fixated on a particular doll. It's from the Baby Gund collection - and we already have two dolls from the same brand. I didn't really want to get it for her, as I felt that it would be so similar to the ones we have at home (which she isn't interested in anymore). But when we tried to take the doll away from her, she howled! I mean, really really howled! So we were like, "Ok, ok let's get this for her since she likes it so much." She screamed when we took it away to pay. We had to hurry the cashier, "Please, just cut the tag." And for the rest of the day, she was really happy with her doll-doll, talking to it while she was in her stroller, hugging and kissing it at regular intervals, and even cuddling it to sleep.

So much for being firm disciplinarians, eh? But I tell you, she really likes that doll! It's so cute to see her with it - she calls it her baby. Rocks it to sleep. Feeds it her biscuits. Tells it "gaigai (go out)". I think my little baby is trying to be me! Aww.

I'm getting her a toy stroller for Christmas. I chope first.

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