Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weird Dream

Just 2 days ago I had this crazy dream that Cherise - still 14+ months of age - got a job as a sales assistant at a shoe shop. She looked incredibly cute with her salesgirl uniform (looked like sailor moon) and pretty little name tag which she kept fiddling with. She was so adorable, going "See see....shoe shoe...." and then waving customers into the store, saying, "Come, come" just like she does at home.

You think it's cute? Well, I didn't think so cos' I woke up in cold sweat! Why in the world am I even dreaming about my little princess working as a shoe salesgirl? Not branded some more! Some people say that dreams are reflections of what's in our subconscious...so it's probably all the negative vibes I'm getting everywhere regarding this whole "we're in a technical recession" thingy that's stressing me out unknowingly. I'm claiming Philippians 4:19 (New King James Version) "And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." My God is rich...so I think I'm pretty safe.

Anyway, I'm thankful that Jas is always very level headed when it comes to our finances (clearly she's the smarter half of this relationship). When I brought up the topic of recession, she had this to say, "Recession? Give less then." Wise words indeed. Now before you go away thinking that we're being stingy, allow me to explain why my wife said what she said. Jas and I consider ourselves to be pretty generous to the point of fault. Why? Because we often give beyond our means. I'm not talking about giving to God. What belongs to Him belongs to Him so we will never even think about shortchanging God. For the record, we have experienced God's faithfulness financially even through the tough times so we understand first hand what it means when the bible says "Give and it will come back to you". What we are really talking about is our generosity towards others and charitable causes. So in future if we don't offer to belanja you next time...you know why la! Muah ha ha!


MommyEvey said...

i reckon we as parents have some really interesting dreams. I remember when Kate was a few months old, Ken dreamt that she was all grown up in her late teens and was walking down the stairs, looking pretty and all. It was as though she was getting married and he woke up in shock. haha

On a more serious note, with the current economic condition, all of us have to be more careful with our finances.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...weird dream...sorry can't say it here but remind me to tell you about it when I next meet you...haha! (Eve I think I told you before :) )

TheMammy said...

i think being careful with finances is important, but equally important is that we don't enter into what i call "panic mode". getting frantic and anxious is counterproductive, and prudence (which goes beyond mere thrift) is a virtue best exercised daily, not just during an economic crisis.

i'm glad my chubby hubby thinks i'm levelheaded - it doesn't come from an overactive sense of optimism, but rather a clear and realistic idea of what we are worth (assets and liabilities), our exposure, as well as a confidence in God, that He will see us through.

i also have my parents to thank, for teaching me about finances over the years. indeed, they've taught me lots about spending/investing wisely - and about being "penny wise, pound foolish". i'm cheered by their attitudes during this season - they aren't overly worried, or fretful, but remaining calm and most importantly, thinking.

there's so much negativity around us, it's in the papers, it's in the streets - and fear is infectious and paralysing. the very least i can do for my chubby hubby is to be a voice of reason in a sea of mindless panic.

MommyEvey said...

agreed Jas!
our hubbies are very blessed to have level-headed wives like us :P
We are also very blessed to have responsible hubbies like them too!