Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Welcome to our new blog...again!

Hi everyone! We are BACK! For those who have been "yearning" for our updates, we apologise for our long absence. If you have been wondering what happened to us, here are some quick answers:

1) How come so long no updates leh??
Well...not that we didn't want to update, it's just that Wordpress was giving us a lot of problems (keeps causing our browsers to auto quit). As such, we could not post anything even if we wanted to.

2) Then why wait so long before returning to the blog scene?
That's because we have been VERY busy preparing to be parents of almost 2! Plus Cherise is too adorable for us to ignore her so we practically spend every waking moment playing with her.

3) So why a family blog?
Because the wife says so. Plus it's a lot easier to just maintain one blog between the 2 of us. Makes things a lot easier for our readers right?

4) Erm..btw, who are you?
Wah biang! Read so long then ask!?!?

So, thank you for bearing with us through our many moves. We hope this will be our last move for a very long time...

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