Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

My dad turned 61 on Tuesday. This year, instead of going out for our traditional dinner, we decided to book a chalet at NSRCC and have the whole family chill there instead.

The BBQ was held on the first night - I forgot to take pictures! There was a lot of food, because my sister, in usual Chan family fashion, over-ordered. Most of the meat was ordered from Mmmm, this great place that sells meat and marinates it for you, so all you have to do is open the pack and dump the contents on the BBQ. I love their kurobuta (black pig) - super yum!

Here's my dad and his birthday cake - tiramisu from Bakerzin. Incidentally, nobody in the family likes tiramisu. Except for dad, of course.

Adrian was in the middle of an exercise so it was really difficult for him to get time off to spend at the chalet, but he managed to get Thursday off (after pulling a super long shift on Wednesday, arriving only at 12 midnight to stay over). We took Cherise swimming at the pool and she had a whale of a time!

Daddy and baby in the water. Her cheeks are smeared with sunblock!

Water playground...

Baby loves the water! Likes to taste it too...


Here's a video of Cherise playing with the jets of water.

It was a really enjoyable time spent with family. We all had so much fun, we're planning the next chalet gathering already!

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