Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's a Boy! (I think...)

We went for our regular gynae check up yesterday, and the Dr asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby. We said yes without hesitation but the Dr took a long time to figure it out because the little beanie just did not cooperate at all...super active and kept squirming away from the scanner as if he was deliberately trying to keep us in suspense. Anyway, the Dr did manage to get a glimpse of "something sticking out" which indicates that it may be a boy...but then again it could simply be the umbilical cord that is round the baby, giving the appearance of a male appendage. Sigh...looks like we have to wait another 5 weeks for the detailed scan to confirm the gender. Jas is very sure that it's gonna be a boy though...in her words, "How can Intelligender and Dr both be wrong?' We'll see won't we? Thank goodness our Dr did not give us the probablity of the baby's gender in percentages else we might have wound up with a situation like this.


mb said...

Gratz on the coming baby!

ChubbyHubby said...

Thanks mb. Welcome back!