Thursday, October 9, 2008

Significant changes...

So...what has changed in our lives since we last blogged? Hmm...let's see...

1) We did some minor renovation to our flat. What started out as a simple project to replace the aircon system for the whole house turned out to include the following:
- Removed the platform in the living room to make it more baby friendly.
- Removed mounted cabinet in the study room that was threatening to fall off and converted it into a spare room for our helper.
- Converted the original baby room into a "classroom".
- Reconfigured our master bedroom to house EVERYBODY.
- Re-tiled the kitchen floor (at last!)

Thank God for a reliable contractor who worked within our budget and did a great job. This is one guy we'll highly recommend to anyone who needs a good contractor.

2) We have a new addition to our family!
Yes...our new helper whom we refer to affectionately as Lar Lar (Cherise calls her Ya Ya). She's truly an answered prayer - a strong Christian from Myanmar, a really good cook, hardworking, speaks English fluently and she takes really good care of us. What more can we ask for?

3) Jas can't fit into her clothes anymore ha ha!!!
That's because we are expecting BabyLoh no.2! Ok's all my fault....I think Jas is still sore about it...she'll probably tell you more about it in days to come. But at the end of the day, we are thankful for another beautiful gift that God has given us.

4) I can't fit into my clothes anymore too!!!
Blame it on Lar Lar and her fried chicken wings. My pants went up 2 sizes and my t-shirts are getting too "sexy" for my body.

5) Cherise has a thing for latinos!!! (Jas says which woman doesn't...?)
We say that because she always has this shy shy sweet sweet smile everytime she sees Handy Manny and Mario (from Barney) on TV!!! For the record, I'm not thrilled...not at all! Hmph!

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