Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nursery Adventures!

We put Cherise in nursery during service today!

Adrian and I were serving together at Adam, so we decided to put Cherise in the nursery (our church's childcare) while we were in service. Larlar (our helper) would keep Cherise company, and well, rescue her if necessary!

She started off in N1, and then got "kicked out" to N2 - because I think the helpers realised that she could walk pretty ok and didn't really belong in N1 anymore (where she might accidentally step on one of the sleeping babies on the mattresses). Being a bit kancheong, I popped down to check things out after the worship segment was over. Bad mistake. On seeing me, her little mouth turned upside down, and I had to carry her to soothe her a bit. Sally was there and we chatted for a while. She told me that Cherise had been doing really well in my absence - she did not cry at all, had fun kicking ball and had been enjoying the singing session in N2. Reassured, I settled Cherise down in a chair with her milk and biscuits, and snuck out once more. I think the worst thing about me popping down was that Emma saw me and started crying. Oh dear. I am so sorry Emma dearie! And even more sorry to Emma's mommy and daddy! I won't do it again!

Yup, I think we'll continue to let Cherise enjoy nursery each week, especially since I'm now serving on Saturdays. A part of me does wish, though, that I could be in there with her. I listen to Larlar's account of what transpired - how Cherise was playing with the toys, how a little naughty boy kept snatching toys from her, how she sat on the little kid-sized chair and ate all the little biscuits during snack time just like a little girl and not like a baby anymore - and I feel a little twinge that I missed all that. But it was good also to sit in service, next to my husband. It's been so long since we've been seated in service together that when he slung his arm around the back of my chair I got a fright, wondering who it was before it hit me that it was him. :)


Emma's Daddy said...

hey.. don't feel bad or anything lah.. at least u know u're one of the privileged few in Emma's approved list of "hey! I know that Aunty/Uncle/Cheh-Cheh.. that's my friend"... =)

I also thinking of bringing Emma to the nursery every Sat too... even if I'm serving on a different day from Ade.. =)

TheMammy said...

i feel bad that i couldn't carry her to sayang her when she was crying for me... but never mind! i shall play with her more today to make up for it! :)