Monday, November 10, 2008

Chill Out @ Grill Out!

It was our 2 years and 9 months anniversary last Wednesday, so we arranged for Jas's parents to look after Cherise for a few hours so that we can spend some alone time with each other. Nights out like that don't come often so we decided to seize the opportunity and go somewhere not so baby friendly.

My cousin-in-law manages Grill-Out!, a cosy little steakhouse at Sunset Way which has gotten pretty rave reviews by food critics. I've been wanting to try it out ever since my dad and the entire Loh clan went down for dinner earlier this year. We couldn't make it then cos' Cherise was still very young and the place wasn't exactly baby friendly.
The ambience is really nice, you tend to forget that you are actually dining at an HDB estate.

This link gives a very accurate description of the restaurant so I will not repeat what's in it. But we absolutely have to tell you about the food to do justice to Jon (my cousin-in-law) and his team! To say that this place is a meat lover's heaven is an understatement. If you want good quality meat at affordable prices, there is no better place. Their primary business is in fresh meat/seafood wholesale (they supply to hotels) so everything is fresh, juicy and tender.

Everything in the menu looked good but we could not eat afford everything, so we had to settle for these:


1) Grilled Ox tongue
2) Grilled Kobe short rib
Sorry, no pictures for these 2 items because we were so eager to eat that we forgot to take pictures. But trust me...they were heavenly! The Ox tongue was thinly sliced and grilled with salt and pepper and served with BBQ sauce. The texture was a little like grilled calamari, only that it's a lot thinner.
The Kobe beef short rib (no bones) was substantial enough to be a main course. It was almost like eating mini pieces of Kobe tenderloin...soooo...juicy and tender.The meat literally melts in your mouth and you don't even need to chew much. Oh, and did I mention that it was sooooo juicy?!?!

In-between Starters and Main course
Jon surprised us with one of their signature cuts - the Kurobuta pork shoulder.
Now, Kurobuta means Japanese black hog and it's prized as much as Kobe Beef. According to Jon, it's really a pork that wants to be a beef and I can see why. It's just as tender and it does not taste like regular pork. In fact, it tastes a lot better that $10 "airflown" sirloin steak you get at the food courts.

Main Courses
For Him - Black Angus Tenderloin
Black Angus Tenderloin
This was one of the best pieces of tenderloin I've ever sunk my teeth in. So good that you don't need any sauces to go with it. The best thing about this place is that all their meats are lightly seasoned with only salt and pepper so get to taste the original flavour. And they are all grilled over the charcoal flame so you get that natural smokey taste. In my opinion, that's the best way to have your steak cos' it's the real deal.

For Her - BBQ Pork Ribs
I managed to dissuade Jas from ordering the Yellowtail Cheek (That's fish, people!!!) even though it looked really good! Anyway, the ribs were really soft and tender, you could just tear it off and eat it. However, by the time it came, we were so stuffed that we could only finish half the rack. So we had to pack the rest to go.

When we thought that we've survived a night of gluttony, Jon brought out another surprise for us...a selection of desserts not from his menu but from the cafe called Peaberry just next door...
Desserts from Peaberry_2
For once, I could not finish my sweets...but Jas lapped them all up!

So for all meat lovers out there...Grill Out! is a definate must try. They are opened for lunch and dinner everyday except for Mondays. Do make a reservation if you wanna go during the weekends for dinner, they are usually quite packed. I'm gonna make a return visit soon...still craving for the Kobe Short Ribs!!!


MommyEvey said...

Happy Anniversary Adrian & Jasmine! Shall visit Grill-Out when we next return to Singapore

TheMammy said...

Thanks Eve! It's not really a proper anniversary heh heh.. just an excuse we cooked up to get ourselves out for a while. :)

Quite inspired by your recent post though. See if I can get my parents to babysit so we can watch midnight movie too!

mommyevey said...

Hey Jas, its good to go out and pat-toh once in a while, to just chill.

I'm meeting the mothers from my council playgroup for dinner next friday and then Ken and I are watching the new 007 movie with friends the tuesday after.

So good to have parents around to babysit. PTL!

Noe said...

Ooh. That looks yummilicious!
Thanks for the recommendation.
Shall keep that in mind for our next date out (long time to come since mum's started work).

Jas, despite the current bouts of discomfort you are going through, you are looking great!

TheMammy said...

Noe: Yes do go try the food. It's great! And thanks for the compliments... at night lah - cannot see all the pimples! haha! :)