Monday, November 24, 2008

The ridiculous things we say - Instalment 1

Scene: Over dinner, spoken to Adrian's mom.

Jas: Baby's moving a lot more now. Sometimes I can feel my belly make a wave.
Adr: My belly does that every time I do the Dino Dance [from Barney]. (Demos)Shake your dino tail, shake shake.....


Scene: Lying in bed, staring at ceiling, trying to sleep.

Jas: Do you feel like doing it*?
Adr: No. Why? Do you?
Jas: Yah. I'm bored.

2 minutes later.
Jas: Do you ever feel like doing it just because you're bored?
Adr: (incredulous) No..
Jas: (resignedly) Sigh. You're so boring. No wonder I'm so bored...

*: Language has been edited for younger readers.


Scene: Cherise is watching Barney and we are watching her.

Adr: She is such a drama queen.. maybe she'll be an actress when she grows up.
Jas: Yah, the next Zoe Tay.
Adr: Zoe Tay only popular in Singapore leh.
Jas: Well, at least she's prettier than Fann Wong.
Adr: Zhang Ziyi then.
Jas: No lar! Zhang Ziyi not pretty. I know! Maggie Q!.
Adr: Why can't she just be herself??!!



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