Sunday, November 2, 2008

A glimpse into the future

My little Cherise came back from nursery yesterday with homework!! When I went to pick her up after service, the helper at the counter presented me with this:

I was a bit baffled at first, and I asked him, "What's this?" He replied, "Oh, it's her homework."

My darling's only 15 and a half months old and she's got homework!

It's so cute.

Nobody expects her to do it, of course. The other side of the paper's got a short bible story which I will read to her since she likes reading so much. And then, maybe I will frame it up. Or put it in my scrapbook. "Baby's first homework assignment".

There'll be plenty more to come in the future. And I think it won't be quite as cute, or funny, then. There may be stuff that I might end up doing for with her. But that's then. For now, I'm just going to laugh at the fact that my poor little baby, who can't even hold a crayon properly, has got homework!

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