Thursday, November 20, 2008

Preggie Diary: Not again..

[Current mood: Sore. As in sore throat. Been eating too much Bak Kwa. Got Bak Kwa craving.]

Our detailed scan on Monday was reassuring - little David was growing well, estimated to weigh 256g (which is awfully little compared to the 3kg I've gained so far!!), no anomalies detected and head was down. He wasn't very active (unlike Cherise!) and stayed curled up for quite a bit, so the sonographer had to wiggle my belly to try to get him to spread out.

I suppose the only thing which kind of troubled me a bit was the position of the placenta. The placenta is anterior (front of the womb) - which is fine and nothing to worry about, except for the fact that babies tend to face their placentae, which means there's a higher chance I'll end up with a posterior baby. Again.

But I'm committing it to God and trusting Him to position my baby appropriately. After all, women with posterior placentae have posterior babies too, so it could go either way.

Anyway, does anyone know where to get a birth ball in Singapore? I want hubby to get me one for Christmas. I can just imagine Cherise being so thrilled with it too. "Ball, ball! Big ball!" *grin*


Fi Oh Na! said...

Hi Jas,

Since a birth ball is just a normal PT ball (from what yr link says), Do check out the link below.

We get lots of our stuff, equipment & supplies from them.

Just say Fiona from AWWA School to Raja. He might be able to quote you a good price.

Hope this helps!

TheMammy said...

Hey Fiona,

You are a fount of information! Thanks! I will check it out!


Bunny & Bear Business said...


I was looking for gymball and I chance upon your comment!!!

Can I quote your name too?? *grin*

Fi Oh Na! said...

Hi Wei Sum,

Tks for loving me hor!

Go ahead & guarantee thou...since quote my name no need money one, no harm trying rite? Haha!