Friday, November 14, 2008


Ok ok. We admit it. We are slackers. Our youth has come and gone in a haze of hedonistic days and now, almost hitting the big three-oh, with one child and another one on the way, we still haven't gotten our driver's licences.

But all that's going to change!

I went for my Basic Theory Test today. A bit self-conscious of my belly bulge, so I wore something nice and loose to cover it up. Didn't want to hear anyone make the comment, "Pregnant still want to take licence," (which is what my parents think, by the way).

It took 15 minutes. And ta-dah!

First hurdle cleared. Easy peasy.

So yahyah right? Studying and scoring in written exams has never been a problem for me. But watch me sweat once I actually get behind the wheel. Part of the reason why I've put this off for so long is that I seriously doubt I am capable of driving a car. It's so scary out there. I don't want to get a licence and then become one of those drivers who give women a bad name on the roads.

But it's got to be done. I think having babies is a great motivator - gets us off our lazy bums to do the things we've been putting off for so long. Interestingly, we're not the only ones rushing to get a licence before the baby arrives - I saw this sign as I was leaving the building:

What an awful term. Pregnant Learner. Eww. Got to ask my doc about that certification letter when I see him on Monday.

And in case you're wondering, the hubby isn't slacking anymore either. He's currently at the driving centre, due to take his Advanced Theory Test in, well, 25 minutes. He's the exact opposite of me, I think. Written exams scare him. He turns into this monster (like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde) because he gets so stressed. But I have faith in him. (I'll just pray really hard for the next hour...!) Go Hunny! I hope to be able to post more good news later on today!


Fi Oh Na! said...

Way to go Jas! Congrats! Baby step to a huge goal - driving on yr own! :)

Have fun!

~AlanSally~ said...

Yay! :) Alrite! Another step closer.

Mommyevey said...

Well done Jas! Indeed, I was motivated to learn how to drive for my kids. Ferry them around ah .. haha

All the best Ad for advanced theory. You can do it ...

TheMammy said...

Thank you all for your encouragement! And thanks Sal for pointing out that I don't have to let my pregnancy stop me from getting a licence. :)

Anonymous said...

Well done my dears...Congratulations!
Yes, another step closer...and you both can do it...

Love, Mom